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2018-12-08 23:00
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HACKvent 2019

Welcome to HACKvent 2019

HACKvent is a white-hack hacking competition, provided by Hacking-Lab.

This year's event will be available in the brand new Hacking-Lab 2.0, whereas this page acts as the entry page and news portal. Visit this page regularly, as we will keep you up to date with important infos and probably some hints.

For advent 2019 we have 24 challenges - one each day:
Eeach day from december 1st until 24th, a new challenge will be available at 00:00 UTC+1. Solved challenges end up with a Flag in the format HV19{..some text here..}.
Based on the difficulty, more or less points will be given. Full points are only given if you solve the challenge on the same day. Otherwise, if you solve it later, you get less points.

Where to play?

Register a new Account in the brand new Hacking-Lab 2.0:
Note: you'll have to create a new account in HL 2.0, even if you have one in the old Hacking-Lab!

How to

  • 1) Click on
  • 2) Register a new user
  • 3) Login with the new user
  • 4) Navigate to the event "HACKvent 2019"
  • 5) solve a challenge every day and submit the flag under "SUBMIT SOLUTION"


Drop a , in particulary if you have technical problems or other feedback.